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Ban Banning Campus Firearms Bans - 833 Words

Advisory Opinion on Constitutionality of Prohibiting Campus Firearms Bans The Indiana Constitution explicitly says that †The Supreme Court shall have, in all appeals of criminal cases, the power to review all questions of law and to review and revise the sentence imposed† (Article 1 Section 4). Consequently, based in this legal definition, the Supreme Court is banned on providing advisory opinions, including an advisory opinion on constitutionality of Prohibiting campus firearms bans and in any other issue, expects the criminal cases. Indiana Constitution, guarantees the separation of power principles, among different branches and even though that this is not said in an explicit way, the spirit of the constitution of Indiana, has established strong principles of separation of power and check and balances system among different branches. Furthermore, even the US Constitution (Article III of the US constitution) specifies that the judicial Power of the United States extends only to actual Cases and Controversies . It thereby helps to ensure that the legal questions presented to the federal courts will not take the form of abstract intellectual problems resolved in the rarified atmosphere of a debating society but instead those questions will be presented in a concrete factual context conducive to a realistic appreciation of the consequences of judicial action. Therefore, asking other judicial institutions for an advisory opinion don’t have a strong legal base and itShow MoreRelatedThe Violence Of Campus Security1122 Words   |  5 Pages There ain’t no doubt: I love this land but these horrific campus killings must be brought to an end. Guns on campus is the definition of risky, giving equal opportunity of bearing arms to the clinically insane, over the rest of the responsible student body. Our nation’s rise in firearm-related deaths, specifically on college grounds, relates to an unheard cry for help. Over the past couple of years, guns on campus have resulted in an array of inhumane massacres and news breakings, stunningRead MoreThe Violence Of Campus Security1228 Words   |  5 Pages There ain’t no doubt: I love this land, but these horrific campus killings must be brought to an end. Guns on campus is the definition of risky, giving equal opportunity of bearing arms to the clinically insane, over the rest of the responsible student body. Our nation’s rise in firearm-related deaths, specifically on college grounds, relates to an unheard cry for help. Over the past couple of years, guns on campus have resulted in an array of inhumane massacres and news breakings, stunningRead MoreGun Culture And The American Identity3571 Words   |  15 Pagesthe United States, which is about one gun for every citizen (Birnbaum, 2013). While guns have a strong presence here, there have been an increasing number of violent tragedies in which the assailant used firearms. On April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus (Lipka 200 8; No Guns Left Behind, 2007). The question quickly became ‘how do we stop guns from coming on to post-secondary campuses?’ to prevent such tragedies. The gun debate has been around for decadesRead MoreGun Violence And Gun Control : The Right To The Second Amendment1668 Words   |  7 PagesMilitia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.†(Strasser 2008) In other words, it gives us the right to bear arms, to protect ourselves and our families by the use of a firearm when the threat endangers a life. There are two sides to this issue: those who argue for gun rights and those who argue for gun control. Gun rights refer to the right to own guns while gun control refers to the laws, restrictions, and policies regardingRead MorePersuasive Essay Guns1123 Words   |  5 Pagesthe people that use them; furthermore, whether there is guns or not people that want to hurt others will no matter what. Campus carry should be allowed because it decreases the chances of crime, allows self-defense, and makes people to be more alert of any situation. The criminal is not going to attack someone that can fight back. As a matter of fact, if guns are allowed on campus it makes everyone more alert of any situation. People might think that the person next to them might have a gun so theyRead MoreEssay on Concealed Carry on College Campuses665 Words   |  3 Pagescarry on college campuses has been going strong since the Virginia Tech tragedy on April 16, 2007. Concealed carry should be allowed on college campuses. On one side, people oppose the right of concealed carry on campus stating reasons such as this one presented by Concealed Campus, â€Å"It’s unlikely that allowing concealed carry on college campuses could help prevent a Virginia Tech-style massacre because most college students are too young to obtain a concealed handgun license,† (Common). That statementRead MoreSchool Shootings Are Becoming More Common1292 Words   |  6 Pagesshooting. Allowing students to carry a concealed weapon on campus would not help at all. Schools must be a safe environment and not a war zone. Many states prohibited concealed weapons on campus which is the right choice. Most colleges who allow their students to carry concealed weapons increase the chances of violence on campus. College students must be unable to carry concealed weapons on campus. Allowing students to carry guns on campus won’t make it a safe environment. A school shooting took placeRead MoreEssay On Gun Violence In Me mphis1462 Words   |  6 PagesWhat can we do about the increasing gun violence in Memphis? I say ban all guns, because in recent years gun violence has escalated and has become an epidemic not only in our communities, but all over the world. Something must be done to decrease the number of deaths and injuries that occurs from gun violence. For many years now Memphis, TN, the city where I go to school has been nationally known as a city that is plagued by violence ranking second to Washington D.C. when it comes to violent crimesRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Rights1603 Words   |  7 Pagesprevent children and youth from gun violence. Although, the gun control laws prohibit the possession of firearms in the school or educational institutes, we have observed shooting cases which involved the schools and higher education institutes. In recent years, many incidents of gun violence which involved students and youngsters have been monitored which favors that concealed weapons should be ban in school and colleges to protect the people from its hazards and gun control policy should be reformRead MoreCba Gun Control 8th Grade1107 Words   |  5 Pageshappened in 1999, is the deadliest mass murder committed on an American high school campus. It is just one example of the many horrors that guns inflict upon U.S. society. The only solution to ending this is to regulate and restrict gun use in America. For this, I propose a new amendment to the Constitution. The exact wording of this amendment is as follows: Conditions must be met in order to buy and own firearms. A gun should be treated like a vehicle. A person should need a federal license. The

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The God Delusion By Richard Dawkins - 1573 Words

There are many beliefs that are thought of around the world as fact. I want to describe belief through the words of professionals, and each one has their own beliefs that others may disagree with. There are three topics that will be discussed by them including religion, luck, and belief itself, and I have a counter argument that describes why it is necessary to have strange beliefs such as religion. The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins provides an argument against strange beliefs, and he uses many books to prove each point that he makes. He tells his view saying he is an agnostic of any God, but only because he cannot disprove what does not exist. He gives credit to religious people in a section called deserved respect, but he does not give any credit to them for their belief. He says that religious belief is quite dangerous, and that without it there would be much less violence in the world. He says that being an atheist is something to be proud of, and he says that atheists actually make up a significant percentage of the American population. He intends to provide comfort for atheist, and for agnostic believers he wants to convert them into atheist. He thinks of the word faith as belief without evidence, and he also notes that people of religious belief sometimes confuse the meaning of the word god, saying that they think it means the mystery of the universe. He says that the Founding Fathers of America were mostly deist, but he thinks the best of them mustShow MoreRelatedThe God Delusion By Richard Dawkins1630 Words   |  7 PagesThe God Delusion Report The God Delusion is a theoretical work by Richard Dawkins criticizing religion. He introduces it as a book solely dedicated to disproving any God or gods in any religion as a whole, which makes it somewhat odd how in the last few chapters he begins focusing on the social effects of Christianity specifically. He focuses in the brief introduction on why he feels religion should not be given any special allowances in the law, which seems to be one of the areas where either oneRead MoreThe God Delusion By Richard Dawkins1598 Words   |  7 PagesIn his book The God Delusion (2006), British evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins asserts that if the entire evidence in the world favored creationism, he would immediately recognize and shift his stance on the issue. However, he also notes that as of now, the immense amount of accessible evidence supports the theory of evolution. Dawkins establishes his stance on the creation of the universe based on the side that has provides the most evid ence. This reflects the basis on which science reliesRead More Religion1637 Words   |  7 Pages is simply the opinion that has survived,† was a statement made by Oscar Wilde. (Dawkins, pg. 222) In Richard Dawkins book, â€Å"The God Delusion,† regards the argument of the supernatural being in religion being not feasible. Richard Dawkins proposes his argument â€Å"with rigor and wit, Dawkins eviscerates the arguments for religion and demonstrates the supreme improbability of the existence of a supreme being.† (Dawkins, 2008) Moreover, the author uses vital assessments by allocating the origins of theRead MoreDismantling Atheism One Scientific Detail After Another1316 Words   |  6 Pages Does God exist? That is the question that so many scholars, peasants, governments, and individuals have been trying to answer from the beginning of human civilization to the present and beyond. Every group in the history of mankind, from Taiwan to Jamaica, from the top of Ru ssia to the bottom of Chile, has said yes to a form of divinity. Their religions have ranged from one God to one million Gods to no God and these religions have defined culture, tradition, lifestyle, and the society of the place;Read MoreDr. Richard Dawkins : Wolf With False Teeth1005 Words   |  5 PagesDr. Richard Dawkins: Wolf with False Teeth Dr. Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and an Oxford don, has written articles and popular books critical of Christianity, such as The Blind Watchmaker and The Devil’s Chaplain. In fact, he is the host of a BBC documentary series entitled, The God Delusion (changed from the original series title, The Root of All Evil), in which he argues, as he does in his identically titled book, that humankind would be much better off without a belief in God. ThoughRead MoreThe Selfish Gene917 Words   |  4 PagesAuthor: Richard Dawkins Book Criticism †¢Ã¢â‚¬Å"Genes cannot be selfish or unselfish, any more than atoms can be jealous, elephants abstract or biscuits teleological. This should not need mentioning, but Richard Dawkinss book The Selfish Gene has succeeded in confusing a number of people about it† (Midgley). †¢There are many things to disagree with in the book, depending on one’s viewpoint. Some people may       interpret the term â€Å"selfish gene† in a       literal way, believing that Dawkins       thinksRead MoreHuman Nature And Human Diversity2568 Words   |  11 PagesProfessor Cherie Braden Human Nature and Human Diversity Section 06 23 April 2015 The Religion Debate: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? In Richard Dawkins’ The Root of All Evil, Dawkins argues that religion dismisses scientific truth, and he also explains the detrimental affect that religion has on the individual and society as a whole. To sum up his argument, Dawkins says that religion discourages independent thought and ideas, religion is in direct opposition with science and is a set-back in progressRead MoreAnalysis Of Frederic Bartlett s Theory1711 Words   |  7 Pagesstudy. 4. Methodology 4.1 Data The data used for analysis is Richard Dawkins’ polemical book The God Delusion, first published in 2006; and it typically represents the author’s worldview – science-based atheism. Dawkins is a world-known evolutionary biologist and atheist who holds an absolute belief in Darwinism and who categorically despises religion-bound creationism. Analysis will be restricted to the introductory part of Dawkins’ book, that is, its preface. The rationale for this restrictionRead MoreThe Existence Of The Soul1849 Words   |  8 Pagesthe existence of God, therefore arguments presented against the existence of God are also arguments against the existence of the soul. For this reason we will examine arguments against the existence of God. Some of the brightest minds in our world today are atheists. Names such as Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, and Sam Harris are interwoven into popular culture. Let’s look at some of their arguments against the existence of God and determine whether or not it is possible that God exists becauseRead MoreThe Tension Between Faith and Reason Essay1643 Words   |  7 Pagesrational atheist, and the other being the rational Believer. Firstly, let us observe the rationale atheist. Richard Dawkins is widely recognized as an outspoken atheist. His book, The God Delusion, was a New York Time’s bestseller and he has accomplished many admirable achievements. It is tempting for the Christian to assume that such a passionate atheist must be irrational. However, Dawkins is not a man without base. The discussion of certainty is necessary before Dawkins’s perspective is explained

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Workers Compensation Free Essay Example, 1250 words

What are the advantages of the Workers compensation scheme? Most of the benefits to the workers compensation scheme are obvious from the information above. It gives a fair system to ensure that all workers are entitled to compensation from employers, and sets out the amounts that they are entitled to, which ensures that the compensation received is not subjective to the employer. It takes away the onus on the employee to prove the employer as being negligible and ensures that the process is the same for all employees, so there is appropriate guidance available for the employee to ensure that their claim for compensation is as quick and easy as possible, which is especially important during a time when they are probably already undergoing some form of pain and suffering. Not only is the process quicker, but the fact that the employee no longer has to actively pursue the case through the courts ensures that the litigation costs for both the employee and the employer are reduced. The s cheme is also an advantage to the employer5 in that they are aware of the exact costs that they would be liable for if such an accident were to occur, and this enables the employer to take out adequate insurance, based on a risk assessment of the job involved. We will write a custom essay sample on Workers Compensation or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now In fact, in many states there are large penalties for companies who do not have adequate insurance cover, as it is mandatory by law. 6 Are there any disadvantages to the Workers compensation scheme? The answer to this question, as is usually the case with any form of legislation, is yes, there are disadvantages. The most obvious disadvantage in the system is that the employee is only entitled to around two thirds of their usual income. This can make a lot of difference, prticularly in houselholds with only one income earner. This is an inevitable outcome to such a bargain having been made with employers when the original schemes were introduced however. If the benefits received by the employee were any more then this would put great financial presure on companies, especially the smaller ones, as if they had people absent from work through sickness and injury they would probably also have to pay another individual to do the employees job until they returned. It would therefore probably encourage many companies to find other reasons to terminate the employees contract in order to save themselves this expense. One su ch example of an employer in which this could cause many problems would be in hospitals. Every year there are a large number of healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, who injure their backs at work and have to spend time off from work.

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Canadian Democracy A Lack of Transparency and...

Introduction A democratic government has long been favoured as the most fair and representative government for a country to have. This essay will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both minority and majority government (for example efficiency, compromise, and power) and argue that in fact neither offers a fair representation of Canadian’s due to lack of both transparency and accountability. Parliamentary Government In Canada there are three branches of government: the executive branch which enforces Canadian laws and carries out government business; the legislative branch which debates and passes laws; and the judicial branch which interprets the laws and dictates how punishment should be carried out. In parliamentary†¦show more content†¦Furthermore, Prime Ministers who lead minority governments must be very cautious in who they select for their cabinet ministers so to ensure the House members will support the government; however as Jackson, D., Jackson R.J. (2002) states â€Å"even with such precautions, minority governments have tended to be quite unstable and pass less legislation than governments based on single-party majority control of the House† (p. 137). Majority Government A majority government occurs when a single party wins 155 (50% plus 1) or more seats in the House of Commons and the rest of the seats are split up amongst the other parties in the House of Commons depending on which party’s MP received the majority vote in their electoral riding. In fact, as Jackson, D., Jackson, R.J. (2002) have pointed out â€Å"most elections have produced a majority government, based on the support of only one party in the House of Commons† (p. 137). A majority government has much different advantages and disadvantages than the minority government; one major advantage for the party with the majority government is that they don’t require the support of any of the other parties in order to pass their bills. While this is great for the party as a bill is able to ascendShow MoreRelatedSenate Reform2136 Words   |  9 PagesOn July 1st, 1867, Canada confederated into a nation and committed to uphold democracy â€Å"From Sea to Sea†. As stated in the Constitution of our nation, Canada would be governed through a Parliamentary system, with both an upper and lower house of legislature. The lower house, the House of Commons, would include elected members from across the country. Conversely, the upper house, the Senate, according to Section 24 of the Constitution Act (1867), states: â€Å"The Governor General shall†¦ summon qualifiedRead MoreThe Paradoxes of Bangladesh1980 Words   |  8 Pagesdefinition of democracy, free, fair, and competitive elections and the guarantee of civil rights and civil liberties for the citizenry must exist in order to promote democratization in Bangladesh. Democratization, according to Canadian International Development Agency’s (CIDA) definition, refers to the process of strengthening popular participation, building democratic institutions and practices, and deepening societal democratic values. Despite having the framework of a parliamentary democracy an d WesternRead MoreWhy Snowden Is A Hero Or A Traitor?1691 Words   |  7 Pagesreform proposals, arguments continue on whether Snowden is a hero or a traitor (Simcox, 2015). No place to hide, is a 2014 non-fiction book by the former constitutional lawyer and author Glenn Greenwald. He argues in favour of U.S government accountability for the National Security Agency illegal domestic spying program that allegedly aims to defend against potential terrorism. The unreasonable level of surveillance breaches citizens and foreigners’ privacy. Greenwald discusses his communicationRead MoreEssay on Plurality Voting System in Canada 2540 Words   |  11 Pagesattacked for unfairly representing the popular vote and giving some parties a disproportionate amount of legislative power while leaving others with none. Opponents contend that other electoral systems would be far superior and provide a better democracy. Proportional representation (PR) is usually cited as the best alternative; the debate of proportional representation versus plurality often hinges on the balance between fairness and efficiency. Without attempting the political calculus to determineR ead MoreThe Canadian Electoral System Is Criticized For Using The Single Member Plurality2258 Words   |  10 PagesIntroduction The Canadian electoral system is criticized for using the single member plurality (SMP) system more commonly known as first past the post, we adopted system from the British because at the time there were only two political parties in Canada. The current problem now is that many people feel that the system is unfair given that a party is able to gain a majority government even if they received less than fifty percent of the vote. As long as they have the majority of the popular voteRead MoreAre Free Elections Necessary to Have a Democracy?1997 Words   |  8 Pages It is important to understand the concept of democratization to examine newly developed democracies more critically and to have a better understanding of the contemporary politics around the world. Since many countries consider themselves as democracies, there needs to be a scale that represents the shared value and aspiration of democracy to evaluate these countries in a critical and objective manner to determine the dem ocratic performance of these governments. The region this essay will be focusingRead MoreThe Current Plurality Voting System Essay2418 Words   |  10 Pagesattacked for unfairly representing the popular vote and giving some parties a disproportionate amount of legislative power while leaving others with none. Opponents contend that other electoral systems would be far superior and provide a better democracy. Proportional representation (PR) is usually cited as the best alternative; the debate of proportional representation versus plurality often hinges on the balance between fairness and efficiency. Without attempting the political calculus to determineRead MoreHealth Care Reform: The New Definition of Socialism Essay2483 Words   |  10 Pagesnot have health insurance, while another twenty-five million were underinsured†. (Health CS). The United States one of the most powerful countries in the world where a national health care system is nonexistent because there is no fin ancial accountability. Politics, money and bureaucracy have left Americans with doubt, confusion and the worries on how to pay for health coverage. United States should have a national healthcare plan because it will cut down on cost be more efficient and make doctors moreRead MoreIndian Polity and Social Issue16628 Words   |  67 Pageshave powers to enact laws. The residuary powers are vested with the Union. The upper house of the Parliament, the Rajya Sabha, which consists of representatives of States, is also an example of the federal nature of the government.    Parliamentary Democracy The President of India is elected by the Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies, and not directly by the people. The President is the Head of the State, and all the business of the Executive and Laws enacted by the Parliament are in his/herRead More5 Hour Energy Shot Business Proposal for the United Kingdom Expansion10942 Words   |  44 Pageson public spending. Currently, 1.4 percent of the labor forces are employed in agriculture, 18.2 percent in industries and 80.4 percent in services. However, agriculture may soon face a labor crisis due to an aging workforce coupled with a general lack of interest among younger workers for agricultural jobs. Despite only contributing 1.4 percent of UK’s GDP in 2010, Agriculture is still considered an important part of the UK’s economy and society as it produces 60 percent of the UK’s food 9 needs

Behavorial Traps Free Essays

Behavioral Traps There are five behavioral traps. Those five behavioral traps are: time delay, investment, deterioration, ignorance and collective. We fall into some of these traps easily and on a daily bases, while some of us find that they are also easily avoided. We will write a custom essay sample on Behavorial Traps or any similar topic only for you Order Now The trap that you fall into really only depends on you. I would like to define and give an example of each of the behavioral traps, before I discuss which I think is the easiest to fall for and the easiest to avoid. Time delay is momentary gratification that clashes with long term consequences (short term vs. ong term). An example is finding it hard to diet or exercise regularly (Plous, 1993). The ignorance trap is the negative behavior which are not understood or seen at the outset. An example would be: People, who smoked in the 19th Century, they didn’t realize that smoking led to lung cancer and if the information would have been available, many would never have begun to smoke in the first place (Plous, 1993). The collective trap involves more than one party. The example for this one is rush hour traffic. Here everyone prefers to drive at the same time, taking their own self interest into play and letting everyone suffer (Plous, 1993). The investment trap occurs when prior expenditures of time, money or other resources lead people to make choices they normally wouldn’t make. An example would be investing money on something to help out the community only to find out at 90% done that another company is doing the same thing but theirs is better, debating on whether to finish the other 10% or not (Plous, 1993). Deterioration trap is similar to the investment trap but the cost and affect occur over time. An example for this trap is a heroin addict. You do it to get that great feeling but then your body becomes tolerant to the drug and you then up the dose to get that same great feeling, and then you’d rather take the drug to avoid withdrawal symptoms. So what started as a pleasurable feeling ends up in a nightmare of dependence (Plous, 1993). Those are the five behavioral traps, I studied and read because to a point they all are easy to fall into, but one that I know I have troubles with and that most people have fall easily to is the time delay trap. How many of us have tried diet after diet and exercise after exercise and end up not sticking to the plan. That’s what the time delay trap does to you. â€Å"Any situation in which short term consequences run counter to long term consequences can turn into a time delay trap† (Plous, 1993). Another example of the time delay trap could be the apples in the Garden of Eden, because the apple is regarded as bait and is the ultimate temptation with its entrapping consequences (Plous, 1993). As you look at the definitions in the earlier paragraph you might think that there really isn’t one that is easily avoided, but I believe that the deterioration is that one. I believe this because this trap takes time to occur/fall into, while with the other traps they seem more likely easier to fall for. The reason deterioration take more time than the others is because it produces behavior that may seem absurd or self-destructive to others whom haven’t seen the situation evolve. (Plous, 1993). Just like the heroin addiction, your body eventually gets use to all the things you are doing and you think you need more because you aren’t getting the same affect. So over time your body takes a beating and starts to be self destructive and so on. For the time delay trap the person wants to exercise and/or diet, but something keeps stopping you. The long term consequences for not exercising and/or dieting could result in health problems and obesity. I just happen to be one of those people. For months I have been planning to exercise more, but I always end up finding an excuse not to and then it only leads to me now being healthy or losing the weight that I have put on in the mean time. The thing that is striking about the time delay trap is that relative is that you end up with small pains and pleasures in the short run, will produce behavior that is devastating maybe even lethal in the long run. (Plous, 1993). Like for example smoking, it’s a short term pleasure but in the long run you can get cancer. We never really think that the things we do/ could be considered as a trap. We just go on day by day either eventually doing something about what we have been putting up with or just deal with the long term consequence. Which traps we find easy to fall for or to avoid really depend on you, we all have different weak points in our mind and bodies. We think about the things that we put into our bodies, but do we really think about the long term effects? References Plous, S. (1993). The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making. McGraw-Hill: New York, NY. How to cite Behavorial Traps, Papers

Managing Organisations Group Performance

Question: Discuss about theManaging Organisationsfor Group Performance. Answer: Introduction: Group performance is a key element for performing all the organizational responsibilities at the desired order. I feel that effective utilization of group performance allow organizations to create healthy working environment where employees are motivated to fulfil all the provided responsibilities in an efficient manner. For that reason, I think that business entities often focuses on different strategies or models to maintain the satisfaction level at the desired order. Otherwise, it might create adverse impact on the overall effectiveness of the performance level. In this study, I will focus on identifying the prime factors that can have major impact on the overall performance level of the organization. Discussion: As highlighted by Mostafa and Gould-Williams (2014) maintaining the satisfaction level of the employees is necessary for motivating them to perform all their responsibilities at the optimum level. I have assessed that satisfied employees actually remains positive towards all the provided complex challenges, which eventually create positive impact on the performance level of the employees. For that reason, I feel that it will provide positive impact on the group outcome. Moreover, I have understood that fact that it also helps organizations to retain talents for long period of time. As a result, it provides enough opportunities for the employees to understand each other education, values and perspective. Therefore, I believe it will eventually help to create strong emotional bonding among each other, which allows organizations to enhance the group performance level in a major way. Thus, I feel that it will also provide positive contribution on the group performance perspective. Howeve r, Esfahani et al. (2013) have also highlighted the fact that excessive bonding among the employees sometime also creates difficulties for the organizations to initiate any change in the operation process. As a result, I believe it might also create negative impact on the performance level of the organization. In order to motivate the employees, I believe HR management of organizations will have to focus on utilizing different strategies or models to ensure productivity of the organization remains at the optimum level. For that reason, I feel that HR management need to focus on performance analysis, promotion, appraisal and addition benefits to ensure motivational level of the employees remains at the desired level. Melin-Gonzlez et al. (2015) have highlighted specific factors including relationship between employees and managers, attention and encouragement for maintaining the performance level at the desired order. I believe it highlighted the fact that developing trust level towards the organizational rules and regulations can actually help organizations to motivate employees to give their best in pressure situation. As a result, it eventually helps to enhance the performance level of the organization (Huang and Rundle-Thiele 2014). Conversely, I feel that if HR management does not perf orm their provided responsibilities, it will create direct adverse impact on the group performance perspective. Conclusion: From the above analysis, it can be highlighted that organizations will have to focus on specific elements to maintain the effectiveness of the operational process. I have assessed the fact that HR management will have to play a crucial role in minimizing any type of challenges that employees have to face at the time of performing their responsibilities. Moreover, I feel that organizations need maintain the satisfaction level of the employees at the desired to ensure they can collaborate with each other in an efficient way. References: Esfahani, A.N., Amirosadat, S.N., Rahimi, H.R. and Marandi, M.H., 2013. Investigating relationship between internal marketing and job satisfaction with using structural equation modeling.International journal of academic research in economics and management sciences,2(3), p.1. Huang, Y.T. and Rundle-Thiele, S., 2014. The moderating effect of cultural congruence on the internal marketing practice and employee satisfaction relationship: An empirical examination of Australian and Taiwanese born tourism employees.Tourism Management,42, pp.196-206. Melin-Gonzlez, S., Bulchand-Gidumal, J. and Gonzlez Lpez-Valcrcel, B., 2015. New evidence of the relationship between employee satisfaction and firm economic performance.Personnel Review,44(6), pp.906-929. Mostafa, A.M.S. and Gould-Williams, J.S., 2014. Testing the mediation effect of personorganization fit on the relationship between high performance HR practices and employee outcomes in the Egyptian public sector.The International Journal of Human Resource Management,25(2), pp.276-292.

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Operational Management Hungry Hub

Questions: 1. Identify a business you think is interesting and briefly discuss how each of the above challenges might impact that business in the future. 2. Choose a minimum of three of the following areas of Operations Management that you think are likely to most impact the success of your Chosen business and justify your selection of each. Answrs: 1. An interesting business which I think for the new generation is a hamburger outlet on the street of a college or a university, we will name the outlet as Hungry Hub, we wont leave you hungry. HUNGRY HUB is a company where processing will be done in a very systematic way. Considering the changing technology they will use charts to identify the success rates and easily know the profit earned. Hungry Hub will be company where quality will be the best and they will never compromise in quantity also. They balance both of them in a well-defined manner. When the manger wants certain change in the burgers or any other product related with Hungry Hub they will form a sequence and strictly follow the steps to get a better product. Many tools are used to form steps and thus changing the product in attractive way and also improving the taste of the burger (Keep, 2004). Process mock up is very necessary in process of production and also have certain things like time management. If there is pro per management in time less waiting lines are there and customers are also happy. This part is called simulation and is good for planning. If a product has not been changed regularly the customers are bored with the product and move with the new product but here in Hungry Hub the company give lots of changes on the product like taste, shapes and even compromise with the cost to attract their customer so that they remain for them forever. If the customer is gone Hungry Hub knows that its difficult to attract again towards them. So to avoid these conditions may offers are also been implanted like cold drinks free or sauces free. Even sometimes toys are the main attraction for the customer as children love them and for that also they come to eat and thus more profit for the company. These investments are less and profit is more. HUNG RY HUB can also launch a website which will be an exclusive one. The website itself will attract many customers even for online ordering. They will take care if the nutritional level in every product without hampering its taste. The attractive pictures on the website will leave a mouth-watering temptation in the minds of the customers. It will also plays an active role in communities like schools, societies etc. Even on the website they will have very attractive activities for kids. The company will put their entire heart and soul into every HUNGRY HUB restaurant that is currently present (Drafke, 2009). It will also take care of every ingredient personally rather than just being automated. They will also have quantitative benchmarking done for their product which will enhance their quality improvement. The main focus of HUNGRY HUB will be satisfying their customers and giving them the best quality food they deserve. They will have a proper planning for all the activities they will be coming up in that particular day. Example, what is to be done? How it is to be done? Etc. On their menu they will have all the products which can fulfil every customer. They will take care of the kids, to the young once and the adults and even have choices for elders. Every morning they will make fresh dough from scratch which gives us the hind of quality they provide to every customer. They will change their product from one customer to another depending upon the requirement and the need of the customer. HUNGRY HUB will ensure that the commitment they give to the customers will never change. They are also a long-time supporter of reading and also give out a helping hand by donating several books among children to promote literacy. HUNGRY HUB will also contribute a vital role in developing the community with education and leading this by donating books (Liveris, 2011). The love from the heart along with every ingredient in the menu will add a crisp to HUNGRY HUB. People will love and will enjoy the elegant taste and will keep the trust with the brand unlike any other food brands. HUNGRY HUB will never let its customers down and will continue to provide the best service as it has done over years. The above business and similar type of any start-up company can update its system with the changing technologies. They need to update themselves on globalisation, during start-up they can launch in some metro cities. When they will launch their website they will get an exact idea about how is the response about the restaurant (Drafke, 2009). Quality management can be taken care by adding feedback and suggestions from the customers. Customer feedback book can be kept in the restaurant so that the customer can add their suggestions about the food. Global manufacturing can be taken care by launching a website which will help the company to spread around the countries. All businesses when they start they have a particular goals and objectives which the implement during their business processes. Changing technology is one factor which can improve the processes in a better way. Technology helps in making it easy for the company and the company employees to automate their processes and the employees and the workers for their better understanding. Quality management is another factor which can make a difference, and create a difference in the minds of customers and the users. Quality improvement is once factor which will create a difference among the other similar products in the market. In the above example Hungry Hub will create a difference by giving some attractive gifts and rewards in exchange with the purchase (Keep, 2004). It can also decide a certain amount above which it can give free French fries/ Cold drink or an Ice cream, depending upon the choice of the customer. Changing job design is a factor which helps in creating different perspective and excitement in the minds of the workers also. New designs and new type of working creates an excitement in the organisation. It helps in assigning particular tasks to certain groups and systematic allocation of groups. Changing should be done on regular basis so that all individuals get a basic idea of the work and the process which is followed in the organisation. Job design refers to the administrative changes like Job rotation, Work overload, Overtime in working hours, Shift hours of the work, Time scheduling etc. Changing job design is very favourable to the employees because it gives a dynamic and static work culture to the employees, it takes inputs from the employees, it also take acre about the interest of the employees which help them to understand the comfort level of the employees and also understand their interest level. They allow adjustments in the work timings and a little flexibility in t he work environment which is both beneficial to the employees as well as to the organisation. It helps in dividing the work between the individuals in such a way that there is less force requirement and more energy work. Job design also includes a brief idea about what work is to be done, how will the work be done, how many individuals will be required to get the work done etc. Changing customer expectations is a factor which helps the organisation about the demands of the population and the changing culture. The time to time change in culture helps the organisation to understand what exactly the population is expecting from the company and the product. It also makes them understand the factors which help them to develop the product and adding new constraints to their product and processes. 2. I will choose the below areas where the business is most likely to affect the success of the business. The below mentioned areas are directly related to the success of the business. Capacity Management Capacity Management is the management wherein the capacity of production is taken care of. It also defines the maximum use of information technology used in the business. It defines the IT capacity of the business which use utilize the current and the future business. It features various components like monitoring, modelling, optimising and analysis of the business. Capacity management will help in getting more out of the IT information and more extraction from the business. It will help in getting maximum output with minimum energy required. It will help to connect the business with the marketing aspects. Analyses of development of marketing and its role in contemporary competitive markets basically means the study of marketing development where marketing of a product plays an important role (Galeson, 1998). Development of marketing s very important because marketing skills should be developed on timely basis to keep the market updated with new techniques and presentations. Competitive markets are very challenging markets and marketing plays a vital role. Marketing in these challenging markets should be done carefully and with full study. This can be done easily with the help of capacity management where the information technology will play an important role. Capacity management will also help in identifying the gaps in the business and increase the business where required. Monitoring Monitoring means keeping a track of all the processes taking place in the business. In the above business of Hungry Hub monitoring will include keeping a track of all the processes starting from the raw materials until the final food is made. This will also include process of packing and shaping the burger and also keeping the exact measurement of just in time production of burger production. Analysis Analysis will deal with analysing the process of batch production. Analysing how the production is processed will help the company to understand what quantity should be made. Implementing Implementation means implementing upgraded technology or implementation of new flavours. In Hungry Hub restaurant implementation would include implementing new tastes, new spices and new flavours to the food. This will also include implementing the changes in production level or changes in the products which the management might be willing to do. Optimisation Optimisation in Hungry Hub will include optimising the batch production. This will manage the quantity of the products will be manufactured in certain time. Example: - Production of burgers and French fires during peak hours will be at a high level than the production during non-peak hours. The Burgers will be made according to the orders that are generated. This will help in less wastage of food materials and raw materials (Scholes, 2011). Optimisation involves understanding all the processes in a detailed way and making respective changes wherever required. Optimisation must be included in every business, this helps in increase in profits with less energy. Capacity management when includes all this processes is a successful management system since it will include all the required systems and processes which will help the business to grow in a successful manner and this will also highlight the gaps in the business which will help the manager to develop a better process. Managing Inventories Managing inventories basically means how to manage the raw materials and the other inventories that is used for the business. In the above example of Hungry hub inventory will consists of raw materials, spices, vegetables etc. that I used for the production of burgers and French fries. Advantages of inventory management are as below:- It helps us to avoid over investment and under investment in inventories. It helps in reducing the carrying cost. It maintains the optimum level of inventory investment. It ensures in uninterrupted production of the product in the business. Manual maintenance of inventory investment can be avoided and eliminated. It helps in facilitating prompt supply of the finished goods (Durlauf, 2005). Inventory management helps in better utilisation of the floor space. It helps in better forecasting of the raw materials and finished goods. Inventory management helps in reducing the risk of closure of the manufacturing unit. Inventory can be managed by using any of the below four methods of inventory management. ABC Analysis Cycle counting Control of service inventory Record Accuracy Inventory management plays a vital role in any of the business processes since it is the major concern of any business. Without inventory no business can take place, it is very important for all business to understand the requirement of their business inventory and to understand the requirements of the same. In the above example of hungry hub, inventory includes the spices the raw materials like vegetables, soft drinks etc. it also includes that the machinery which helps in production is well because if in case it incurs a break down it is important to have a backup facility for the same. Hungry hub will take care of inventory management by keeping a track record of the materials received and the materials that go out of the company (Galeson, 1998). This is a system which is used to see the flow of products and services which move out from the organisation. The best way with which this can be done is by giving the access of inventory data base to the vendors. This will help the vendor directly to understand which materials should be supplied and in what quantity. Lead time will help the managers and the management system to understand the time taken to refill the inventory back again when there is a shortage of raw material. It is also very necessary to understand which material is used in what quantity so that it is easy to understand the usage of the products and to give orders to the supplier accordingly. Inventory management helps in less wastage of raw materials and better usage of resources. Resource Management Resource management is a process where the resources of the organisation and the management are used in the most effective manner. Resources of the organisation is best utilised by managing people in better way. There are many ways in which resources can be managed, below are the factors which help in managing the resources in the organisation. Employee Relations Employee relations with the organisation should be one of the important relations in the organisation (Durlauf, 2005). Employee relations include the behaviour of the employee with the other team members and the other employees of the organisation. Human resource management should try their best to maintain good relations with the employees; they should involve themselves in understanding the requirements and the expectations of the employees from the organisation (White, 2002). Resourcing Resourcing means how many employees are required in a particular team to handle a particular task. This also means the strength of the organisation and the number of members required in the organisation to achieve goals and objectives of the organisation. HR Development HR development in the organisation means the Human resource development in the organisation. It is necessary in an organisation to help the employees develop their capability and their skills at their work place (Durlauf, 2005). Resource management can be done in an effective way when the employee feels that his/her skills are being developed in the organisation along with the profile which they handle. Reward management Reward management deals with rewards and recognition which the human resource management gives the employees basis their performance. Reward management plays an important role in the organisation because it helps in motivating the employees to perform better. Rewards and recognition motivates the employee to do their best and learn different methods of learning from each other. Reward management is the best practice which human resource follows. In Hungry Hub reward is given to the employee who gives the highest amount of sale. They can also give rewards to employee which gets the best feedback on a particular day (George, 1996). Knowledge and talent management Knowledge and talent management deal with how the employees are trained with better skills and their knowledge is enhanced. In Hungry Hub knowledge and talent management team encourages the employees by keeping contests among each other where they can test their skills in cooking, they also keeps contests where the employees are told to garnish the food in the best way they can. Talent should be shared among each other so that they can come up with a better product and also other employees can have better ideas togive their best. Performance management Regular feedback on the performance of the employee should be given by the managers at regular intervals. There should be performance dialogues which should be shared with the employees so that they perform better and better after every feedback they receive from their managers (White, 2002. Performance management helps the employee to understand where they stand in the organisation and what is required for the growth. In the above example of Hungry Hub, employees are given performance feedback basis on how they greet and treat their customers and how they encourage their customers for a higher amount of purchase. Quality Management Quality management in operations management is directly related with the marketing management, there are few areas where marketing can add to better quality. The below factors are used by Hungry Hub to enhance the quality of the product. Advertising deals with all the media related factors to create awareness among the developing market for a new product (Keep, 2004). It includes all mass media techniques which help in connecting directly with the population. Strategy is a process where the management discuss about how to go about launching a new product. They basically decide on the 7 Ps of marketing mix and decide upon the ways and techniques for a new product in a developing market. Branding deals with advertising a product. Pictures, posters, displays etc. on the shops of the market. It is very important to have a good branding in a developing market since it creates awareness and information about the product. Research basically is the study which marketing management does befor e launching a new product. They study about the competitive product and discuss about the pros and corns of the new product. They discuss about where, how and other factors of the developing market. Quality Management also focuses on the below main 3 components of quality check. Structure Structure under quality management deals with the management structure which the system which the organisation follows to produce the best quality product as the output. In Hungry Hub quality is taken care by the structure which it follows to produce the food in the backend (Race, 2004). The structure of the systematic production is very important it is also called as Total Quality management. Culture Culture under Quality management is a process of developing a culture within the organisation. Organisational culture is directly proportional to quality management. In Hungry Hub the culture is very free, all the employees are free to interact with each other, and they also share their innovative ideas with each other. They will sometime do experiments on the food that they make. This helps the organisation to understand the employee feelings and express their talent. Organisation should have a free culture along with respect to senior employees. Technology Technology in an organisation means what technology the company uses to give the best output. Technology in Hungry Hub is present in the manufacturing machine in which the burgers are manufactured. Hungry Hub can also use the latest technology where the French fries are baked and nor fried. This technology will be helpful since today generation is more health conscious. The patty which is used to make burgers ca also be backed rather than fried ( Drucker, 2004). All latest technologies will help in increasing the efficiency of the production and manufacturing units. This will also enhance the quality of the product. Technology can also be used to make attractive packets of toys which they give as return gifts. Technology in the organisation should be used depending on the response of the customers. The organisation should understand what the response of the customers is when the company shows them a different range of product or a different variety. Operational Management is a theory where the different aspects of operations of the organisation are discussed and studied. The experts of the organisation discuss the various pros and cons of various systems and technologies which they implement in the organisation. Various challenges are faced by the management level when they implement various types of changes in the system (Durlauf, 2005). There are various challenges, the customers might accept the change or might not accept the change. It can also have a disadvantage that the customers might not come back to the outlet hence it is important to make changes very carefully. Operation management is the tool of management that is concerned with the supervision, planning, and regulatory the procedure ofmanufactureand reshapingbusiness processesin the manufacturing ofgoodsorservices. In manufacturing firm inputs such as land, labour and capital are processed and output is given to the customers. It includes the obligation of safeguar ding thatall the business related activities are effective in the terms of using the resources and achieving customers satisfaction and their requirements from the business. It manages the process of raw materials conversion into finished goods (Chen, 2003). Meaning it sees the inputs of the business according to the outputs required. 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